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Creating a Unique Client Experience to Win Over New Business


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Case Study OMG Boundless


Where Boundless really shines is in our customer service and creativity. I think a large part of that is figuring out unique ways to incorporate technologies that can help solve a real need for our clients, and OMG helps in this use-case.
Emily House
Director of Enterprise Accounts /// Boundless

The Intro

Founded in 2005, Boundless is a Zazzle-owned promotional product agency that has grown quickly, earning recognition as an ASI Top 20 Distributor in 2019. Being solution-based, Boundless shines in customer service and creativity, incorporating technology into their offerings.

Boundless serves a variety of clients and businesses in the corporate, technology, non-profit, and agrochemical sectors whose orders often span multiple brands, locations, departments, buyer types, and internal programs all with distinct needs.



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The Challenge

Boundless sought to win the business of a company interested in launching company stores to support a rebranding initiative. The goal was to find a way for their employees to purchase products and apparel donning the newly-updated branding.

Previously, the company used an inventoried online store, but was unhappy with the products, overall experience of managing the inventory, and the money wasted on excess products that didn’t sell. With a rebrand, the company wanted a fresh approach to their branded employee apparel and products, and came to Boundless to find a solution.


Clearly communicating web links, deadlines, and timelines.


Launch an online pop-up store every 3 months to create rhythm.


Test products and buying trends to discover insights.

The Solution

Boundless won the company’s business by pitching the concept of online pop-up stores as a creative solution to overcome their warehousing and inventory challenges along with offering a modern way for employees to pick out branded merchandise.

Using the OMG platform, Boundless had the flexibility to provide a low-risk, low-cost online store solution for their new client, which fosters a valuable professional relationship. The platform’s intuitive reporting dashboard allows Boundless to easily communicate with their client about store progress, and the Drop Ship report provides the Boundless team data necessary to efficiently fulfill and deliver orders to end-consumers.

Boundless Online Stores OMG



Higher Sales than always-on company store


OMG stores for this client in 3 years


orders placed for this client's pop-up stores

The Results

Boundless’ expectation for this client was to launch one OMG online pop-up store, but after the success on the platform, Boundless opted to take a two-pronged approach and offer seasonal online pop-up stores each quarter as a complement to the company’s year-round store.

Boundless’ OMG online pop-up stores generate over 150% higher sales than the client’s year-round stores and has provided a low-risk and custom solution, differentiating Boundless from the competition. The flexibility of the online pop-up stores allows Boundless to capitalize on seasonal trends by offering limited-time pop-up stores with trending products during peak seasons. Online pop-up stores alleviate their clients from wasted spending on excess inventory and removes the friction of the sales and ordering process.

When monitoring the stores’ end results, Terri could access the OMG dashboard and analyze statistics that showed her what was working, who to target next, and what to do differently for her next customer’s store build. By switching her accounts over to OMG, Terri offered a flexible, turn-key solution that exceeded expectations and maximized her return on investment.

One thing I like about OMG is utilizing store flexibility to follow different seasonality and trends to see what products are working. Being able to try out different product types and price points has been fun for our team.
Emily House
Director of Enterprise Accounts /// Boundless

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